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A Personal Experience

We provide personal care, adapted to your wishes. We think it is important that you are heard. So that your feel comfortable in one of the most important periods of your life. 

Dorine, Danielle, Roos and Anne


Midwife practice ánd ultrasound practice

We also make ultrasounds for pregnant women that receive care from other practices. 

We work in the area of Soest and Baarn

Do you live a little further? No problem, Just call us to check!

24/7 available on

call us between 9:00-13:00 for questions or to schedule an appointment at 035- 785 5755

We provide just that Extra Care!

What we do

- Personal care, for you and your partner with at least 20-30 minutes every check-up.
- Ultrasounds on our practice with an outstanding device; the Voluson S10 with 3D/4D function, we also provide the 13/20 week scan. 
- Pregnancy check-ups in the evening and on saturdays.
- Our care is focussed on your wishes so inform us about your plan and how we can make it most comfortable.

- Information session about delivery and breastfeeding
- Do you have a medical indication? We also offer to assist during labour.
- All midwives speak English, Anne also knows French
- We collaborate with the four hostpitals in the region; MMC  amersfoort / WKZ in Utrecht/ TGZ in Blaricum/ Diaconessen in Utrecht

- Contracts with all the health insurances

- information evenings for delivery and breastfeeding

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Call us from mondays to friday 9:00- 13:00 to make an appointment at 035- 785 5755

In case you need us, we are 24/7 available

so call us; +316-836 53753

Location in Soest

Middelwijkstraat 36B

3764 CG Soest

Location in Baarn:

Koningsweg 4
3743 EV Baarn

Please dont hesitate to contact us;

+316-836 53753 /



Use this form for (not urgent) questions, for feedback or to sign up!

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