2D/3D en 4D ultrasound in our practice

We use on of the best machines available on the market, Voluson from General Electric.

With this Ultrasound machine we can make beautiful pictures but also measure the growth of the baby very accurate.

Everyone is welcome for (non) medical utrasounds. You can always bring friens and family when you come for an ultrasound.

We give printed photos after the ultrasound.

And for €5 we add an USB stick with all the pictures.


Gender 2D/3D €40,-
Fun & Biometrics >24 weeks 2D/3D/4D €80,- (best between 24-30 weeks).
When the baby is, unfortunate, not in a good position when you come for a 3D, we make a new appointment. 

Also in the evenings

Please call to make an appointment.

We also make utrasounds on saturdays.