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The Delivery, a life- event. In advance you never know what is about to happen. Sometimes you deliver quick and sometimes it really takes time. We are there for you and will be by your side, to make sure that your delivery will go as smooth as possible.

How you look back on your delivery is very important to us. Discuss your wishes and thoughts with us, so that we are both prepared.

Do you have a medical indication? Also then we offer to assist during the delivery.

At home or in the Hospital

It is very important that you deliver where you feel most safe. When you are preganant we discuss your wishes.


Hospitals in our region

We work together with four hostpitals in our region;

- Meander Medisch Centrum in Amersfoort. For information click here

- Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis  in Utrecht. For informatie click here

- Diakonessenhuis in Utrecht, for information click here

- Ter Gooi Ziekenhuis in Blaricum (TGZ); for information click here

In the WKZ and Diakonessenhuis you can deliver in bath. In the Meander this isn't possible. In the Tergooi hospital there's only one room with a bath. 

You can also deliver at home in bath. Let us know know if you want this, than we discuss the options.

What do you need for a home delivery

After 36 weeks:

- kraampakket - ask your insurance company for this

- Rent bed lifters (minimal height bed 70-80 cm). Home care shop in Baarn Nijhof or via

- bag for the hospital + €1 for wheel chair. In bag; bathroom articles + underwear and clothes for you and the baby, maxicosi

- Pregancy map/ map with birth plan

for home delivery:

- 2 gabage bags and 2 buckets

- 10 hydrofielluiers

- 2 metalen kruiken en kruiken zakken

- lamp with light

- 2 digital thermometers

- 2 hats for the baby

Don't forget to bring a camera. 

Rent a bath? This can be done via:


- Mama Logic,

Birth Plan

What can help to prepare for the delivery is to write a birth plan. In this plan you explain your wishes concerning the coming delivery. You can mail us your plan so we can discuss the options, please also print it and put it in your pregnancy map, so that everybody knows what your wishes are! You can find an example on and on in English. 

Photo Shoot

Do you want a photografer during the delivery? That is possible, by Cindy fotografie is specialised in birth shoots and newbornfotografie. For more information:

Mascha Greuter also makes newborn shoots; please visit

Social media: Badassmotherbirther  I  Thenakeddoula


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