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Anne Roos &
Danielle van Rhee- Menkveld

After working several years in the region we decided to start our own practice. The first of june 2019 we opened our doors and are happy to welcome young parents and care for them with our own vision.


Anne Roos

In 2008 she graduated her Bachelors degree Midwifery in Rotterdam. After working two years in the Hague she went to the Caribbean to work in the Sint Maarten Medical Center.
In 2015 she delivered of a daugher Mare and in 2019 a son Sietse.

Besides her positive an personal approach Anne is a warm and professional midwife. She has over 10 years experience ans puts the client wishes first. Anne also makes ultrasounds for the continuation of the care.

'Met de ervaring als verloskundige en moeder heb ik gemerkt dat een kleinschalige praktijk met zorg op maat mij aanspreekt.' 

Anne worked, before she started with Veldroos Verloskundigen,

at the folowing practices;

Femme Amsterdam, Vitae in Soest, Neeltje in Veendam, Mundo Vroendvrouwen the Hague and the Sint Maarten Medical Center

Danielle van Rhee- Menkveld

After finishing het education nursering in 2011 she followed her dream of becoming a midwife. In 2015 she started ans worked for several practices in the region of Amersfoort.

'To center the wishes of the pregnant mother and her partner is what I think key in the care we provide. With starting this practice with Anne I made the first step to achieve that goal.' 

Danielle is married with Daan, mother of Pepijn (2016) and Noor (2018), she lives in Amersfoort.

Danielle worked at,

Luna in Leusden, Geboortecentrum Baarn, Aandelaak in Hoevelaken, Verloskundigenpraktijk Zeist. 

Loes met kinderen web.jpg

Loes Woldringh

Loes is our Assistent. After moving from Amsterdam to Baarn she started to work for our practice since September 2020.

She will answer the phone in the mornings and will help you to reschedule your appointment. 

Loes has four Children;

Teddy (2015), Otto (2017), Doortje (2019) and Arthur (2020).

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We aim to center the wishes of our clients. Through time and attention we want to provide kwality and personal care. We feel that it is very important that mothers are feeling comfortable and rely on our care.

We will be there for you when you need us the most, 24/7!



Anne and Danielle are both registered in the BIG (Beroepen Individuele Gezondheidszorg) a Dutch organisation.

Our registration numbers are:

Anne Roos 89910229303

Danielle van Rhee- Menkveld 09914979703

Feedback & What to do with complaints?

Inform us about your complaint
It is important that you feel safe and heard. As being pregnant is already exiting enough. Do you have questions? Doubts? Are you unhappy with our care? Please inform us as soon as possible. We can try to talk about it and to make the situation better. It could be misunderstanding or miscommunication. Or maybe offer our apology and discuss what works better. Please let us know so we can plan extra time so we can discuss it. You can always bring someone if that helps you.

Contact the complaints officer
Do you want to know more about what to do with your complaint? Or discuss this with someone else? In that case you can contact the complaints officer, they are impartial. And everything you discuss is confidential.

You can contact the officer via klachtverloskunde.nl.

In case it does not work with the complaints officer you can contact the dispute authority Midwifery (in Dutch; geschilleninstantie). This impartial authority will look furhter into the complaint and will judge. For more information you can visit geschilleninstantieverloskunde.nl

24/7 op +31683653753

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