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Check ups at Veldroos
In Italics our Plus + Package

7-8 weeks

Early Ultarsound / First Meeting

This is the first checkup in the pregnancy when we also make an ultrasound. In this early ultrasound we can see the heartbeat of the baby. We also discuss screening possibilities like the NIPT test and the SEO (also known as the 20-weeks ultradound. We talk about your medical history.

10-12 weeks

13 weeks

Ultrasound to determine the Due Date

13 week ultrasound

During this ultrasound we determine when you are Due. We counsel for prenetal screening if you want and hand over forms for prenatal blood tests.

The 13-week ultrasound is performed in our practice by an ultrasound technician. 

14-15 weeks

Listen to heartbeat
Ultrasound gender 2D/3D

We discuss kraamzorg-> a nurse that visit at home after delivery and check wheter prenatal screening is arranged. In our plus package we make an ultrasound.

20 weeks

20 weeks ultrasound

We have a standard check-up (checking Blood pressure/ measurements of uterus

24 weeks

standard check up

We inform about the arrangements concerning the coming delivery like recognition in the twon hall and inform about pregnancy courses.

Some women take a bloodtest for glucose, depending on your medical status.

28 weeks

check up
Ultrasound biometrics 2D/3D/4D live

A blood test is done around 30 weeks for Hemoglobin and bloodtype when necessarty.

In the plus package we make an ultrasound to measure the baby and see your baby in 3D and 4D!

31 weeks

Ultrasound 2D/3D/4D live

This will be a checkup and informing about birth plan. In the plus package we make an ultrasound to measure the baby and see your baby in 3D and 4D! When you dont have the plus package but do want to have an extra ultrasound we can plan this- check ultrasound for prices.

33 weeks

checkup at home

This check up will be at your house! We discuss your wishes concerning the delivery (birth plan) and what to expect so we are both well prepared. 

35 weeks

position and biometrics ultrasound

This ultrasound is the last ultrasound where we will measure the size of the baby. We check if everything is clear concerning when to call for delivery.

37-40 weeks

check up

When 40 weeks we measure amniotic fluids

When you are pregnant of your second child you can visit us every 2 weeks. With the first we prefer to see you every week.

41 weeks

check up

When 41 weeks we can check wheter you are already dilated or effaced, when so we can massage the cervix, to elevate the chance of spontainious delivery.

Delivery and postnatal care

At home or in the hospital
In our + package we visite you at your house 3 weeks after the delivery

When you have contractions we always first visit at your house. After this first checkup we decide to go to the hospital or stay at home- that is up to you! 

When you delivered we come to visit your 4 times the first week. After this week we plan a telephone checkup and meet you in our prachtice when the baby is 6 weeks old.

On the website of 'the Verloskundige' you can find several brochures concerning being pregnant. Click here for more information. 

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